I am Suzette Brink, owner of PURE GIFTS.

I grew up near a little town in the Eastern Cape called Willowmore in the heart of the Karoo. I used to tell my parents that I do not wish to return to the Karoo, as I thought that the simplicity of Karoo living wasn’t meant for me. Little did I know that I would fall back in love with the amazing lifestyle and especially the quiet and calmness of the Karoo. As an adult I look back and I realise how privileged I was and continue to be to one day give my own children what my parents gave me as a Karoo child: Life on a farm where it is only you and your family and so much possibilities.

As ‘n young boervrou, situated in Fraserburg in the Hardemans Karoo, I soon realised that I wanted to do something for myself that will be a testimony for the Kingdom of Father God. So I started to preserve everything on the farm that my beautiful and lovely late mother and father in-law left for me and my husband. From apricots to figs. I learned so much about not giving up, which is one of the biggest lessons the Karoo will teach anyone who wishes to call it home. In 2018 my aunt asked me if I ever considered making this into a business. In a nick of time she helped me put more recipes together and so I started to make far more preserves, jams, etc. than my husband and I could ever consume. My sister helped me with beautiful labels and soon I realised that this was not only a business, but also a lot of fun.

The end of 2018 was the official start of my own business called Pure Heart Making, which is a range of preserves, my own body scrubs and spices. We did some markets in 2019 and I learned so much about business, entrepreneurship and the way God intended it to be.

In the last couple of years I met and made friends with women in the Karoo that was not just creatively blessed, but carry God’s Kingdom in their hearts. I did not envision 2020 to be a year in which I would start another company. For as long as I can remember I LOVED gifts. It is a real passion of mine to create the perfect gift. Therefore I started this new adventure to create a platform for myself and other women in the Karoo to use all this creativity and create a beautiful product range consisting of gifts. I longed for an online store that brings something fresh and new which represents this creativity and innovation of women in the Karoo. Attention to detail is a key trait of mine and I have a keen eye for something beautiful, which is why I choose only the best quality of products.  All our products are 100% cotton, leather and silver. The fruits and vegetables used in our preserves are locally produced and sourced and only the highest quality products are used.  Our wool and mohair is from the Karoo itself. We pride in the fact that our products are GIFTS FROM THE KAROO, FOR THE KAROO.

“We at Pure gifts have a passion to create a gift for your loved ones or a treat for yourself. We will go out of our way to give you the best options to create a gift box that will express to your loved ones what words cannot. ”

Therefore, this is your opportunity to create something for you just the way you like it. Every client is different and has different needs. That is why we allow you to choose everything yourself for that individual and personal touch.  However, should you be in need of assistance, we are here to put something together that will suit you perfectly. 

We are also keen on corporate gifting. Should you be in need, we would love to assist you on something special for your company. We do personalised Corporate Gifting that is not on our website. Should you be interested please feel free to contact us.

I am very excited and privilege to share the creativity and innovation of the Karoo. May the products in our range and gifts pass onto you or your loved ones be something of the Karoo to cherish.

Lots of Love

Suzette Brink